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Cathédrale Saint-Jean de Besançon

Visite.org 25000 Besançon (Doubs)
The church was built over a long period.The main part dates from the 13th century, but major reconstruction was undertaken in the 18th century. Like the cathedrals of Nevers and Verdun, Saint-Jean has two choirs at opposite ends of the nave, which has chapels on the north side. The barrel vaulting was constructed in the 13th century and combines the Champagne and Burgundy architectural influences. The building is especially remarkable for the works of art it contains, and in particular the 4th century baptismal font, called " la rose saint Jean ", a Pietà by Conrad Meyt from 1532, and a painting of the Virgin with Saints by Fra Bartolomeo. In addition, the treasury has a collection of gold and silver plate, and there is a renowned 19th century astronomical clock in the bell tower. The east apse, which is dedicated to Saint Suaire, was built and decorated in Rococo style by Boffrand in the 18th century. It is decorated with paintings by Natoire and Van Loo.
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